Losing the battle in less than 7 days?

Only one week into the new year and I already feel as though the quest to have everyone speak Twenty Eleven is slipping through our hands. Sure there have been some positive steps, but it is more like the Jon Stewart fiasco or the lyrics to that Springsteen song, “one step forward and two steps back.”

I truly believe that this is the year that people would realize their folly and start to say Twenty Eleven, but we may be ahead of our time. This strange phenomena is filtering throughout the yearspeak. People are calling it Twenty Twelve, but still saying Two Thousand Eleven. That’s right, people are calling the upcoming Olympics, the 2012 Superbowl, the next presidential election, and even upcoming events in 2014, using Twenty ____. Yet they still refer to this year as Two Thousand and Eleven. They also refer to past years in the Two Thousand vernacular. That’s not a problem with me, although I do think that once the Twenty-whatever starts to take hold that people will reverse their ancestors bad habits.

So the only thing to do is to mark the victories that we do hear.

Charlie Rose uses Twenty Eleven.

Several commercials are using Twenty Eleven.

We still need to get a hold of the news directors at the major networks i.e. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and persuade them that Twenty Eleven should be the standard for all their broadcasters. I’m sure they all have a dictum they follow on certain words. I’m convinced the Bushes never pronounced Saddam Hussein’s name correctly just to anger him greatly, while the news networks tried to give respect.

I’m sure there are more people that feel the same as we do. Perhaps we could commission a poll to see what Americans prefer. It can’t be as crazy as some of the polls I see.

Keep fighting the good fight and let’s breakthrough to Twenty Eleven!



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3 Responses to Losing the battle in less than 7 days?

  1. Carol Wyatt says:

    ok I will say 2011 but 2012 seems to flow better Maybe
    thats why.

    • Gus Pearcy says:

      Oh I totally agree. TwentyTwelve does flow. But that doesn’t make Twenty Eleven wrong. My biggest problem is I’m impatient.
      You start working on saying Twenty Eleven and eventually it will become second nature.

  2. Deb Wigley says:

    Keep up the good work!! I think your efforts will soon be
    paid off…who refers to 1789 as one-thousand seven-hundred
    eighty-nine anyway?!? :o)

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