Dear Mr. Broadcaster…

In order for the change to occur quickly, we must get our broadcasters to adopt this way of saying Twenty Eleven.

Here’s a note I sent to Brian Williams of NBC News.

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am a freelance writer in Central Indiana and I have taken up a cause. My goal is to change the way we say the upcoming year. We should say Twenty Eleven instead of Two Thousand Eleven because this has been the established pronunciation pattern established many, man years ago.

I think this is the year to start this tide turning, but it has to come from influential style makers like you. If you’re saying Twenty Eleven every night people will switch the way they say the year. It will be a natural progression.

Think about it. When you pick any year out of the last century, how do you pronounce it? Do you say One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Four? Negatory. You say Nineteen Fifty Four. It just rolls off the tongue.

This will take place naturally by the year 2013 or even 2020, but I think a concerted effort by our broadcasters and politicians could jump start the change which is inevitable.

Practice saying Twenty Eleven in the mirror. You’ll get used to it in no time.


About Gus Pearcy

Professional Communicator specializing in telling your story in a variety of media including (but not limited to) press releases, corporate blogs, social media, and public speaking. Let us tell your story.
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